90 Day Guarantee

REALINDIANA CO believes both Client and Broker should have “skin in the game” when selling a home. We have extreme confidence in our marketing abilities and we’re proud to offer Indiana residents a 90 Day Guarantee.

We only offer this deal to 5 listings at any given time.
Current slots available: 5/5
We GUARANTEE we will get you a Buyer under contract within 90 days of activating the listing or the list side of the agreed upon commission is FREE to the Seller!

Stipulations and requirements:

1. We will never give up on our mutual goal of selling your home as long as you still desire to work with us. If we have not met our 90 Day Guarantee the Seller is then allowed to keep the property listed with us until it sells or the agreed upon listing contract term ends. 90 Day Guarantee Agreement terminates along with termination of the listing contract.

2. Seller is still required to pay the advertised Buyer’s Agent Commission to the Buyer’s Agent at closing whether or not 90 Day Guarantee is met.

3. Seller is required to set the asking price no higher than 2% over the Listing Broker’s suggested price. Detailed comps will be presented and we will go over those comps with you before any contracts are signed. We are only willing to offer this deal to homeowners that are reasonable with their asking price based on current local market trends and sold data from the past 365 days. We reserve the right to refuse this guarantee if an agreement cannot be met. Zestimates do NOT count as comps.

4. If your home is not selling in those 90 days we require the Seller authorize at least 2 price drops, each equal to 1% or more of original list price, spaced at least 2 weeks apart, and the final price drop to be no later than 30 days before the 90 day deadline. Basically, we require 1 reasonable price drop per month to give us a fair chance of selling your home.

5. The 90 day period does not apply to the closing date. It applies to getting a Buyer under contract.

6. We reserve the right to rescind this offer if the Seller is displaying ANY signs of resistance to reasonable offers and counters. Listing Broker defines “reasonable” in this scenario. The full commission is then due at closing.

7. The first Buyer under contract within 90 days satisfies the 90 Day Guarantee for the duration of the listing contract or until the house sells. A Buyer that chooses to walk away over inspection issues or any other issue does not start the 90 day period over again and/or add to the day count when the house is re-activated.

8. 90 Day Guarantee Agreement is separate from the listing contract. It must be entered into willfully by all parties as a signed, written contract before the listing is activated on the market. The agreement must be signed by all parties to the transaction.

9. The day count regarding the 90 Day Guarantee pauses when an offer is received and negotiations are taking place. For instance, an offer received on day 89 and accepted on day 91 would still satisfy the 90 Day Guarantee.

10. Listing Broker is required to disclose this agreement in the MLS.

11. All other listing contract terms apply.

We offer this Guarantee in good faith, and as a declaration of our commitment to success. Please do not abuse this offer.

Thank you for considering REALINDIANA CO for your Real Estate Needs!


Kane Lauck


(317) 400-2274