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We have a no-rush approach to helping Buyers purchase their dream home. Keeping you relaxed and informed helps you make smart decisions. We’ll view as many homes as it takes until you find “The One”!

Spring, Summer & Fall make up the bulk of the home buying season, you’ll have the most options to chose from. Sunny days are much better for looking at homes than cold winter days. The best homes sell very quickly so you’ll want to begin monitoring the market immediately.

If you’re currently renting you’ll want to start looking at homes 60 to 90 days before your lease ends. Closings typically take 30 days from offer to possession so you’ll need at least a month or two before that to begin the home search and loan pre-approval process. Be sure to check your lease contract and give your landlord notice that you’re ending your lease. Most leases require 60 days notice. If you miss that deadline they’ll usually require you to rent for an extra month, sometimes at a higher rate.

Often a mortgage payment on your own home can be less than what you’re paying right now! When you own a home you’ll build equity by paying down your principal (the amount you borrowed), which means you save that money and get it back when you sell your home.

We have decades of experience with all aspects of the buying process that ensures our clients get to the closing table. We can help you get pre-approved and smoothly guide you through the buying process.

Our services are free to the Buyer in most scenarios. The Seller’s agent customarily pays the Buyer’s agent in Indiana.

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